EF 100 Ehylene filters


The new GreenKeeper boasts a suite of unique features that make it the most advanced ethylene filter on the market. It is a filter designed to protect both specific fruit and the people responsible for its manufacturing.


These filters are 100 cm long and contain the GK3 and GK4 granules for an absorption capacity of more than 3 and 4 liters of ethylene respectively per kilogram of GreenKeeper. Formats with activated carbon are available for certain applications.

This granule is designed specifically to:

  • Produce a minimal amount of dust.
  • Achieve high efficiency. This makes it possible to lower the ethylene level in the container more than any other product on the market.
  • Deliver an extremely high capacity without sodium permanganate and the serious risks it implies.


The “Easyfit” system incorporates the flanged connections into the cap to make assembling the filter quick and easy.

  • No bending of the plastic flanges, which are hard to pass through the holes in the grids, is required.
  • Our flanges come pre-shaped with a soft curve.
  • Anchoring the flange allows the cord to enter from four different positions, a particularly useful feature when installing in trucks.


A double-sided adhesive is an available option with the EF100 filter to make it easier to install in trucks that have a plastic tube ventilation system (without perforated guides) that make attaching a filter difficult.

GreenKeeper offers two services to determine the correct filter size:

Calculating the theoretical absorption capacity required depends on:

  • The type of fruit
  • The days in transit
  • The kilos to be transported.

Remaining capacity measurement: the available filter capacity can be adjusted realistically. We can determine variables such as the influence of the season of the year and the different levels of ripeness using this method.